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Time on Fire: My Comedy of Terrors by Evan Handler
Evan is one extraordinary person (and actor) who won his battle against leukemia after chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. He talks frankly about his experiences using a "delicate balance of humor and wisdom, anger and hope".

50 Essential Things to do When the Doctor Says It's Cancer by Greg Anderson.
The author, Greg Anderson, is a cancer survivor. This great book tells you what questions to ask your doctor, how to boost your immune system; and most importantly, how to adjust your beliefs and attitudes toward wellness.

The Cancer Conquerer by Greg Anderson.
This is the story of Greg's incredible journey to wellness after he was told he had thirty days to live. This book really shows how a positive attitude affects cancer and may even contribute to its cure. A very encouraging book.

A Cancer Battle Plan : Six Strategies for Beating Cancer From a Recovered "Hopeless Case" by Anne E. Frahm with David J. Frahm.
Anne shares with us her courageous battle against cancer with us and tells us how she beat cancer with the help of doctors, nutrition, exercise, and a fighting spirit. A must read.

Healed of Cancer by Dodie Osteen.
Dodie Osteen tells of how she was healed of cancer by love and prayer. She includes pertinent references to Bible passages which gave her strength and hope and finally healing. When I was fighting my battle against cancer, I did not have access to Dodie's book. I discovered it only after my battle was won. However, Dodie's way was very similar to my way to health and healing. I read the very same Bible passages and prayed in very much the same way as Dodie. Her little book is full of hope. I recommend it for everyone.

Definitive Guide to Cancer: Alternative Medicine (Alternative Medicine Definitive Guides) by W. John Diamond, W. Lee Cowden, & Burton Goldberg; Published April, 1997
The most recent and detailed guide I have found. It helps you view all your alternatives and even tells you where to find the help or product needed in your specific cancer case. An essential addition to your library whether you are a cancer patient or want to help one.

The Cancer Industry: The Classic Expose on the Cancer Establishment by Ralph W. Moss.
Reading this book was an eye-opening experience. Were it not for this book, the average person would never know about the "undercover" business of medicine. Highly recommended.

Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy by Richard Walters.
This compact easy to read book touches on many of the alternative cancer therapies available. Excellent Book!

Beating Cancer with Nutrition: Clinically Proven and Easy to Follow Strategies to Dramatically Improve Your Quality and Quantity of Life and Chances by Patrick Quillin, P.H.D.
Nutrition played a huge role in my recovery and continues to do so.

Cancer and Nutrition : A Ten Point Plan to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Cancer (Simone Health Series) by Charles B. Simone.
An important book for anyone who cares about their body.

Antioxidants: Your Complete Guide: Fight Cancer and Heart Disease, Improve your Memory and Slow the Aging Process by Carolyn Reuben.
I strongly believe in the use of antioxidants in a battle against disease. They have helped me a great deal.

Vitamins in Cancer Prevention and Treatment: A Practical Guide by Kedar N. Prasad.
An easy to follow guide for all. I believe vitamins play an important role in my overall health and fight against cancer.

The Macrobiotic Approach to Cancer : Toward Preventing and Controlling Cancer by Michio Kushi.
I believe the macrobiotic approach to diet and lifestyle works for many people who can be disciplined in this way. Although I found it necessary to modify my diet plan by adding certain pure meats, poultry and fish for protein, I recommend everyone read this very important book. It is not a cookbook.

Cancer Survivors Nutrition and Health Guide: Eating Well and Getting Better During and After Cancer Treatment by Gene A. Spiller, Bonnie Bruce.
Here we have meal suggestions for the days before and after chemotherapy or radiation treatment. While not much appeals to the patient at this time, this book will guide you to the nutrients your body needs.

The Essiac Report: Canada's Remarkable Unknown Cancer Remedy by Richard Thomas.
According to Thomas, this remedy works well to boost the immune system. His book also contains stories of certain people who, while taking this remedy, were later found cancer free.

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