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Healing by Francis MacNutt.
The most detailed book on Healing I have ever read! It is inciteful for those wishing their own healing as well as for those who wish to heal others. It is a book you will read and reference for years to come.

Overcome by the Spirit: The Extraordinary Phenomenon That is Happening to Ordinary People by Francis MacNutt.
A new and very accurate perspective on this extraordinary phenomenon. I can say it is accurate because it mirrors my experiences with regard to the Spirit. It is wondrous. It is a healing experience.

Prayer that Heals by Francis MacNutt.
This wonderful little book shows you how to pray for healing in the family and with others. It talks of how God heals today and how we can be instruments of that healing.

The Power to Heal by Francis MacNutt.
This book supplements Francis' first book "Healing" with new insights into healing. It talks of healing touch, soaking prayer, God's Will in relation to healing, and it answers the question "Do you have the gift of healing? An important addition to your healing library.

Deliverance from Evil Spirits by Francis MacNutt.
The deliverance ministry is a very important part of the healing ministry. Even though I was not personally interested in this type of ministry, I thought I should have some knowledge of what it is all about. This book definitely tells you what it is all about and what to do about it. I learned so much for my own well-being and for the protection of myself and others.

The Healing Light by Agnes Sanford.
I cannot say enough about this inspirational book on healing. As a healer, Agnes Sanford had such pure faith that God's light shined through her so brightly. This is a book you will read and reread and be uplifted every time.

Healing Secrets from the Bible by Patrick Quillin.
Bible reference to the healings of Jesus is an essential element to the healing ministry.

Inner Healing: A Handbook for Helping Yourself and Others by Doug Gregg and Mike Flynn.
I found my inner healing was an important part of my physical recovery. It took place first with forgiveness of myself and others. I could not do this by myself, so I simply asked God to help me. God's grace did all the rest!

Good Goats: Healing our Image of God by Dennis Linn, et al.
From the author's own experiences in recovery, we discover we can heal ourselves by changing our image of God. Written for both children and adults.

Sleeping with Bread: Holding What Gives you Life by Dennis Linn, et al.
Hold on to that symbollic piece of bread and you shall have life and life to the fullest. Another book written for both children and adults.

Healing Life's Hurts: Healing Memories Through Five Stages of Forgiveness by Dennis Linn.
As you lift each memory up to the Lord it is healed. This book explains the five stages that assist with this type of healing.

Healing the Dying: Releasing People to Die by Mary Jane Linn and Dennis Linn.
A necessary and very helpful book in tough times.

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