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Centered in God: The Way of Jesus, the Way of Life by Evan Drake Howard.
When I was distracted by pain and disease, it was important to stay focused on God. Following the Way of Jesus and adapting it into my own life was a tremendous help.

Centering Prayer: Reviewing an Ancient Christian Prayer Form by M. Basis Pennington.
This book showed me the way to inner peace by way of centering prayer. Centering prayer is a type of meditation which relaxes and inspires you. Through the quiet you establish a more intimate relationship with God.

Awake in the Spirit by M. Basil Pennington.
To be awake and alive in the spirit is so important. While my body was diseased and dying, my spirit was able to sustain me. Pennington's book gave me great insight into this survival technique and wonderful journey with God.

The Holy Spirit and You by Dennis & Rita Bennett.
This study-guide to the spirit-filled life is the most detailed book I have found on the subject. It discusses what the scriptures say about the Holy Spirit; how you prepare to be baptised in the Holy Spirit; how you receive the baptism; the gifts of the spirit and the fruits of the spirit. The greatest of these being the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, faith and patience. An essential book for spiritual growth.

The Holy Spirit and You Supplement by Dennis & Rita Bennett
An important supplement and continuation of the original book.

Seeking the Heart of God: Reflections on Prayer by Mother Teresa and Brother Roger.
These two special people combine their wisdom and experience to show us the power of prayer as an outflowing of healing love and compassion. This book is one of my favorites.

Prayer is Good Medicine: How to reap the Healing Benefits of Prayer by Larry Dossey.
Dr. Dossey discusses the what, where, how and whys of the power of prayer in our own health. This book is filled with hope from which we all can benefit.

Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine by Larry Dossey.
Dr. Dossey shows evidence linking prayer, healing and medicine. Prayer proves to be as vital a healing tool as drugs or surgery.

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